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  • Avail Definition

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Grande Prairie & Area

The life-changing global events of 2020 have given many businesses the insight to operate differently and to move in the direction of community collaboration. There is a belief that working together will get us through these challenging times.

Welcome to AVAIL GP, a collective of local professional firms that have joined together to provide complimentary, no-obligation, LOCAL BUSINESS ADVICE and resources to businesses struggling through COVID-19 and the economic downturn.

We believe in local business. We believe in you!

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Peace Region Proud

As Grande Prairie and Area professionals, we are invested in the success of the businesses in our region. In these challenging times, we understand the issues you are facing.

We have all witnessed the cyclical nature of doing business in Alberta. Never before have we been hit with a double shock of a pandemic while coupled with a severe downturn in the energy sector.

Our region has long been recognized as an entrepreneurial hub with a resourceful can-do spirit. We are a hotbed of innovation, a driver of the Alberta economy, and a model for business collaboration. In this spirit, AVAIL GP will harness a collaborative model to face challenges head-on. Together.

Let us work hand-in-hand to navigate these challenging times and come out even stronger, and more united, than when we started.


Available Allies

Avail, by definition, means help; make use of an available resource; take advantage of an opportunity.

You might consider AVAIL GP an extended virtual business team, in your corner, whether you need advice in Marketing and Communications, Accounting, Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology, or Business Strategy.

We believe with timely professional advice, businesses will be better positioned to take on both the challenges and opportunities the next few months and year will present.

Let us individually or collectively collaborate to make a difference for your business today and into the future.

Partners AVAIL

The following professional service providers are each available to offer complimentary advisory services within their domain of expertise. We encourage you to browse through each company profile to learn more about their service offerings and to request a no-obligation advisory session.

Please keep in mind that each professional service provider is able to offer advice on a first-come, first-serve basis and will schedule based on their availability and capacity.

Press Release

Nearly 20 local professional service firms have joined forces to provide expert advice to the Grande Prairie & Area businesses community through difficult economic times by offering a range of complimentary advisory services and resources.


AVAIL GP is a collective of local companies positioned to help businesses navigate the challenges and opportunities on the horizon, at no cost.


Our local and provincial economies were already struggling from the downturn in the energy sector,” says Ryan Blais, a partner at nine10 Marketing. “The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on industry and commerce in the area and we recognize the need to support businesses as they try to make decisions and plan for the months ahead.

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Become A Partner

AVAIL GP was launched as a small collective of trusted professional service firms with the goal of supporting Grande Prairie & Area businesses as they navigate the challenges imposed by COVID-19 and a struggling Provincial energy sector.

If you are a local professional service firm that is ready to provide meaningful, complementary professional advisory services to Peace Region businesses – we encourage you to join the AVAIL GP collective.

Please let us know about your professional service firm and how, specifically, you can help support our local entrepreneurs.

Join Avail GP

Logo Design Symbolism

  • The golden leaf in the logo symbolizes business growth and new beginnings. The golden colour is also reminiscent of the golden fields our region is known for and also ties the logo back to the colours of the Alberta flag.
  • The tip of the leaf aims upwards and represents forward movement for businesses working through their many challenges. It’s a reminder that better times are ahead. The leaf also points northward; a celebration of our northern geography.
  • The ‘A’ in the logo represents AVAIL but it also represents Alberta and draws on the strength of our province and the helpful nature of our regional Allies.
  • AVAIL GP is both the name of the initiative as well as the website address www.avail.gp It’s a creative domain that reminds us of who we are.

Leading The Way

The response to this global and regional crisis has everyone looking for creative ways to get our economy back on track and to support businesses that are struggling.

AVAIL GP was inspired by Compass Collective, a similar collaborative initiative based in Edmonton, AB. We are grateful for their leadership and the innovative model they have developed.

With their blessing, we have emulated the collective for the Grande Prairie & Area business community. Thank-you!