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Beauchamp Photography specializes in commercial photography, headshots, product photography and editorial work and has served Grande Prairie, Alberta, and the greater Peace Region since 2010. We’ve crafted images for companies and organizations of all sizes and have worked for several leading Canadian news and editorial publications.

Service Offerings:

As part of the AVAIL GP initiative, Beauchamp Photography is offering Photography Brand Audit and Practical Info Session

Are you using photography and video to maximize your brand storytelling? Whether you have a budget to hire a pro, or are creating your own media assets in-house, many companies are under-utilizing the power of photography across mediums. This session is designed to offer a free review and audit of existing photo assets, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses of your existing images, as well to identify gaps in your marketing imagery that can help you better tell your story moving forward.

This is not a sales session for our services, but rather an encouragement for companies at all levels to better create and utilize imagery in their marketing. Participants will receive practical advice on identifying necessary imagery, improving their photography based on best-practices, and moving forward to create a targeted image creation plan, whether those images are captured by a local pro or on the iPhone in your pocket.

Chris Beauchamp is the co-owner of Beauchamp Photography and The Distillery Film Company. He has worked for clients of all sizes and his background includes branding, journalism, marketing and communications work. As a commercial photographer, his work has included portraiture, product photography, drone work, and industry photography, to name a few core areas.

This 30-60 minute Zoom call will cover several topics: image audit, shot listing, photo techniques, and tips on various social platforms and other mediums. Participants are encouraged to share links to their website, social media, and PDFs of relevant print collateral in advance of the session. Participants will conclude their session with a takeaway PDF with specific advice for their brand, including a list of important photos and some tips on how to capture and use them. This document can work alongside a marketing plan or brand guide, or just provide an easy reference for future photo shoots.

Why Beauchamp Photography is getting involved in this initiative:

In response to Covid-19, we are seeing a lot of local companies struggling, while also throwing a lot of effort at marketing in an attempt to pivot or even to stay afloat. A lot of this energy is being driven based on misunderstandings about what works. I’m hoping I can help companies identify some simple and basic things that will help their customers better understand them.

For instance, many local small businesses fail to identify the importance of marketing their owner-operators as individuals, even though the majority of their business comes from direct networking and sales based on their owners. Adding a portrait or headshot to marketing can go a long way to connect customers to this individual. Similarly, it amazes me how many retailers fail to include a decent image of their storefront, even though location and familiarity is core to getting people in the door. These are the types of small, easily solved tips I’m hoping to share.

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