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nine10 is a locally-owned full-service Digital Marketing firm. We specialize in Brand, Web & Digital Marketing. Across these three pillars; we primarily support Peace Region businesses in developing Brand standards, ensuring they’re properly established online across Web, Social & Search, and then help to promote their products and services through paid, targeted advertising on Social Media and Search.

Service Offerings

As part of the AVAIL GP initiative, nine10 is offering up one (1) complimentary 1-hr advice session, per day, for each business that books an appointment. Strategic advice is available in the following areas on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Brand Audit
  • Website Audit
  • E-Commerce Preparedness/Planning
  • Social Media (Facebook / Instagram) Consultation
  • Search Engine Marketing Consultation
  • Digital Campaign Planning (Paid Ad Campaigns: Facebook, Instagram & Google)

In addition to the individual advisory sessions, applicants may also request to join a weekly Zoom webinar with other businesses where we will cover topics from the list above. These sessions will be part consultation, part dialogue, and will also be complimentary and no-obligation.

nine10 is a fully-remote and capable of offering advice by phone or video technology. We’ll provide all the tools, so you won’t stress yourself with technology.

We stay connected while staying apart. 

Why nine10 is getting involved in this initiative:

In a recent business interview, nine10 partner Ryan Blais explained that during COVID-19 and this economic downturn, the most important thing for nine10 to focus on is “ensuring our relevance to our clients, not on securing new revenues“.

By sharing our expertise with our community, nine10 is able to remain relevant in our marketplace while at the same time offering the support that businesses need during this crisis. Businesses that apply for a complimentary advisory session are reminded that this is a no-obligation consultation and that nine10’s aim is to support small businesses, not to pitch them on our services.

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