Services: Marketing

We help local businesses who struggle to attract customers to create outstanding, engaging VIDEO that builds bulletproof relationships so they can continue to deliver their amazing products and services to their community.

We also make the world smarter and safer by creating educational & informative video that engages the highest level of attention and as a result, the information is absorbed and retained by all who participate.

Service Offerings

As part of the AVAIL GP initiative, Out There Media is offering up to 2 (two) complimentary 1hr consultations per day (max 5/week). Consultations are available in the following areas:

  • Video Coaching
  • Video & Idea Consultation
  • Video Creation & Production
  • Video Editing
  • Image & Graphic Creation
Why Out There Media is getting involved in this initiative:

In this unprecedented time, we must join together and help each other if we are going to survive and eventually thrive. I can not guarantee or control my own success, but I can always help others as best I can.

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